I have two group content types, post and image, that belong to a group.
In the group page, I show both the post and image forms with blocks.
Only the first form shows the group audience field.

Proposed resolution

I've tracked down the issue to the file, line #45

  $identifier = $field_name . ':' . $entity_type . ':' . $id;
  if (isset($cache[$identifier])) {
    return array();

The identifier is something like og_group_ref:node: for create forms, but it's missing the bundle property so renders after the first one just skip the field.
Adding the bundle, available a few lines above (#42), solves the problem.

  $identifier = $field_name . ':' . $entity_type . ':' . $bundle . ':' . $id;
#1 og-missing-field-1891308-1.patch558 bytessardara
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Patch attached.

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Setting correct status.

I have the same issue:
3 content types set as group content, all forms rendered in one page and the Group audience field is rendere only once.

Applying the patch solve the problem.

Thanks sardara!

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Committed, thanks.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.