I'd assume that flatrate shipping methods are configuration and thus can be managed via features - however they are just stored into the database and not managable like config at all.

Maybe we could just convert them to exportable entities from the entity api? This would take care of the right now manually implemented crud hooks and give as features support as well as a default hook (as asked for in other issues). Also, it would help with i18n integration.


That would be really smart (flat rates as exportable entities).
It would also allow us to use the inline_conditions module to provide a UI for when a flat rate should apply.

in the meantime, you can use this install task for one-time initialization.

* Implements hook_install().
function myshop_install() {
$service = array_merge(
'name' => 'myshop_flat_rate',
'title' => 'My Shop Flat rate',
'display_title' => 'My Shop Flat rate',
'description' => 'Default flat rate for My Shop.',
// Will be divided by 100.
$service['base_rate']['amount'] = '800';
// The strongarm variable doesn't seem to be initialized properly at this stage.
$service['base_rate']['currency_code'] = 'EUR';

also see [#6591174-8]