Currently archive-dump and sql-dump use a 12-hour clock format when generating the dump filenames, but do not include any indication of AM or PM.

When I'm taking several dumps several dumps a day, it can be difficult to choose a dump file by filename alone, and I need to run ls -l to be sure.

Can we switch to using 24-hour time formats in the dump filenames by default?


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This patch makes changes the default filename date formats to Ymd_His

This patch is against the 7.x-5.x branch. What's the policy for minor changes like this? Should it be made agfainst 8.x-6.x first, and backported, like core?

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forgot to add the patch

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Seems sensible.

Yes, like core (backport policy)

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Thanks Moshe. Here's a patch against 8.x-6.x

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Commtted to 5 and 6 branches. Thanks.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.