When I go to Configuration in site admin, it states:-

You need to download the Colorbox plugin, extract the archive and place the colorbox directory in the sites/all/libraries directory on your server. No problem with that but...

But I dont have a folder called 'libraries' in sites/all - is this a problem? Does this mean I've not installed something, can I just create a folder and put it there?



can I just create a folder and put it there?


many thanks VM.

I downloaded, unzipped, created sites/all/libraries and put Colorbox folder in that location and still get configuration error message???

David Halterman
Gilpin Technology Solutions

works perfectly fine here which indicates your doing something incorrectly, or something is configured incorrectly. unfortunately you're not providing a much detail to figure out what the something is.

where is the colorbox module folder?
what version of the colorbox library is downloaded?
what is the entire path to jquery.colorbox.js?
what are the server level permissions on the libraries folder?
what are the server level permissions on the colorbox folder?

Thanks for the reply. The zip file has Colorbox folder. Change folder to colorbox and error goes away (note lowercase needed).

David Halterman
Gilpin Technology Solutions

further note....
I upgraded to latest colorbox module a few days ago, and had to back it out. It just wouldn't work.
I had latest plugin and module installed, I see others have had issues too.
I will wait for next realease before upgrading again.

odd. works perfectly well here. using the colorbox library 1.3.29 with the colorbox 7.x-2.2 version of the module and the Jan 23 2013 version of 7.x-dev on a sandbox. I suppose I should say it works for what I use it for (at the very least).

thanks VM, will give it another go.

library folder should look like this public_html/sites/all/libraries/colorbox
The colorbox folder should directly contain example1 example2 ......jquery.colorbox-min.js

On one of my sites the status message for the colorbox plugin prompts me to download the latest version of the colorbox login (at least 1.3.18). Fact is that I have downloaded the latest version which is 1.4.6 and put it into the libraries folder. But the message still occurs while the colorbox functionality on the site is working. Strange.

I use colorbox version: 7.1.5 (I tried 7.2.3 but with this version colorbox does not work). The module is located in sites/all/modules/colorbox

For the the colorbox plugin to be recognized in the colorbox settings at: admin/config/media/colorbox I had to put jquery.colorbox-min.js and jquery.colorbox.js into a subfolder "colorbox" in the libraries directory so that I have the following setup: sites/all/libraries/colorbox/colorbox/jquery.colorbox-min.js sites/all/libraries/colorbox/colorbox/jquery.colorbox.js
The rest of the files reside in sites/all/libraries/colorbox/

While this setup at least allows for the images on my site to open again in a colorbox, there seems something wrong with the plugin path.
I know this should be fixed in the 7.1.5/7.2.3 releases of the colorbox module but here it obviously isn't. Regarding the folder permissions: all the files in the libraries folder have 775.
Why does the status message not recognize the plugin? Any ideas?

I upgraded the colorbox module to 7.2.3 and applied this patch: http://drupal.org/files/colorbox-master_library_pattern-1955982-1.patch

See this issue: http://drupal.org/node/1955982