Turning these two tables into entities would result in the following benefits:

* Fieldable entities, which make these two easy to be extended.
* Better views integration so a View of type Rendered Entity can be built in order to list Tweets along with other entity types (such as nodes).
* Better caching.
* Display control at the User Interface.

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Finally started working on this. So far I have created a new branch 7.x-6.x where I have defined the twitter_status and twiter_account entitites and the account listings are now using entity functions.

Updated core twitter module so it uses entity CRUD functions. Needs testing.

Submodules have not been updated yet.


Exciting! I've been thinking about how utilizing entities could allow better integration for Twitterfield and Twitterstream modules.

It would be helpful to update the issue summary with what's accomplished & yet to be done to communicate where contributions could be made.

So far I am working on 7.x-6.x and have migrated twitter, and part of twitter_post module. It certainly simplifies logic and makes it way flexible :D

Twitter Post now offers a Twitter field to any entity for posting to Twitter.com.

Pending to review twitter_signin and twitter_actions submodules.

Version:7.x-5.x-dev» 7.x-6.x-dev

Changed branch to 7.x-6.x

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Fixed a few bugs at twitter_post. This is how it looks like when added as a multi-valued field to a content type:


Pending to upgrade twitter_signin and twitter_actions to be able to have a beta release.

This is great! Will be happy to help test the latest code tonight.

Reviewed twitter_actions submodule. Just need to update twitter_signin to have the first beta version ready.

Status:Active» Fixed

Reviewed twitter_signin. Publishing first alpha release.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.