quickstart@qs10:~/websites/arbx.dev/sites/all/modules$ drush dl metatags
Project metatags (7.x-1.0-alpha1) downloaded to /home/quickstart/websites/arbx.dev/sites/all/modules/metatags. [success]
Project metatags contains 3 modules: metatag_opengraph, metatag_ui, metatag.

If people accidentally does drush dl metatags instead of drush dl metatag. It still will download. Please close down this trap; I personally spent 4 hours diagnosing the bugs introduced by having 2 of the same modules. metatag and metatags, and i would rather not have anyone go through this trap again.


Title:Please close down the trap.Remove the "metatags" module

I've already requested that the infrastructure team get rid of the old downloads: #1721688: People can still download defunct 'metatags' module

@chriscalip: I didn't mean to sound like I was dismissing the problem you went through, just wanted to mention that I have an issue open in the Infrastructure project that will hopefully resolve the problem; your new issue has reminded me to work on this again, so hopefully we'll have the problem fixed soon.

Status:Active» Fixed

Thanks to killes the files have been removed from the server so this problem shouldn't happen again. Hopefully.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)