Hi, using this wonderful http://webwash.net/tutorials/log-site-activity-message-and-rules tutorial, but have no luck of recreating the same for comments, but no matter how I try, tokens like
[message:field-myfieldname:title] are not converted, seeing like it is written

Does someone succeeded?


Title:Logging of comments? Have no luck of passing token valuesCannot transfer values of comment to message
Category:support» bug

Have no trouble at all creating all types of logging messages: user logged in, logged out, new content (node) created
And no trouble with comment created rules: it fires my specified action. Also, message is created when new comment is added.

Marking this as bug, because I cannot transfer values of comment to message. If anyone can show me this working - my praise is enormous.

Priority:Normal» Major

Can confirm this. There is some kind of a clash in modules or settings, probably text formats or smth.
I cannot pass comment values to message field IF there are other than Plain text formats enabled. This is the only connection I've found so far.

Priority:Major» Minor

smth weird is going on my dev - it sometimes works, sometimes not - seems like my config problem

Category:bug» support
Status:Active» Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Message is entity-type agnostic. Sorry. but you are probably doing something wrong ;)