Localized Taxonomy Terms in default EMBED Views Exposed Form are correctly translated. But when I choose to display the exposed form IN A BLOCK instead, then the filter values are not translated anymore.



In my case I really need to have the exposed form in a block. Indeed, my view is a search of projects and I want the form not only to be on the search page but also on each individual Project node page.

Please help :) !

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The problem actually came from the fact that I alter the values of each exposed filter of the form.
My new values come from other views that bring only relevant data back.
The problem is that I use the function views_get_view_result to get my data but this function does not send info about the current language to Views that's why my data always come back in french even on english pages.
I posted a new question here: http://drupal.org/node/342132#comment-6994078 and closed this issue.


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