On my live site the only way I can get cron to run is to do it manually even though I have the crontab set to 1 hour - this causes problems with search as the site is not being indexed on a regular basis . As I have additional modules which I thought might be causing problems I decided to test the cron by creating a vanilla open outreach site using Pantheon, check the cron and then add in the additional modules.
I set the vanilla site's cron tab to 1 hour but it is behaving in exactly the same way - cron only runs if I do it manually.
Is there something I am missing?


When you config cron at admin/config/system/cron, a user must visit the site after the cron period has passed. See documentation for Drupal 7 here: http://drupal.org/cron. If you are having issues, you can consult the log for any error messages.

yes I read the cron documentation.
Cron does not appear to run on either the live site (regular visits by users) or the test vanilla site (I have two users created to test it) - both sites have crontab set to 1hour.
I can get cron to run via admin/config/system/cron and click the run cron button - then I get a log message to say that cron has run successfully - I get no cron log messages other than that and no errors relating to cron.

I have managed to get crontab to run on the live site using c-panel and curl as my hosting service prevents wget and lynx.
However I could not identify why cron was not triggered when a user visited the site - I had no error messages in the log and it ran fine if I did it manually - this was true for both the live and test site.
A vanilla drupal 7 site runs cron as it should but with the vanilla openoutreach the cron is not triggered by a user visiting the site

I am experiencing the same problem on 7.x-1.2

I have exactly the same problem on my site, both in production site, visited by many people everyday and in development site.
I've installed the openoutreach-7.x-1.1 version.
I've also installed these modules:

  1. auto_entitylabel
  2. botcha
  3. devel
  4. devel_themer
  5. google_analytics
  6. i18n
  7. l10n_update
  8. languageicons
  9. lightbox2
  10. moopapi
  11. shadowbox
  12. simplehtmldom
  13. variable

Edit: cron is set to automatically update every hour

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Updated priority to major, because more people experience this issue, and cron is important for the site healt.

In response to #7, I have used my web host to set a regular cron run, but that does not seem to trigger the indexing needed.

I have the same issue.
The #7 don't resolve, like the #8 i have used my web hosting to set the cron.