the mod_publisher module for Apache supports a variation on ESI ...

Quote from website:

"In addition to <!--#include file="..."--> and <!--#include virtual="..."-->, mod_publisher implements a third include directive. <!--#include url="http://some.remote.url/some/path"--> will include contents fetched from a remote URL."

The syntax is almost the same. The changes to esi.module would be simple (see below). I'll create a diff and test behind mod_publisher next week if you are interested.

  * Implements hook_esi_mode().
function esi_esi_mode() {
   return array(
'esi' => array(
'title' => 'ESI tag',
'render' => 'esi_esi_tag',
'ssi' => array(
'title' => 'SSI tag',
'render' => 'esi_ssi_tag',
'ssiurl' => array(
'title' => 'SSI url tag (for mod_publisher)',
'render' => 'esi_ssiurl_tag',
   * Render an SSI URL tag (as used by mod_publisher)
function esi_ssiurl_tag($url) {
'<!--# include url="' . $url . '" -->';


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What is the benefit of mod_publisher over the standard mod_include?

mod_include will only pull in files on the current server. mod_publisher pulls in remote urls over http giving full ESI type functionality.

So using a combination of mod_proxy, mod_cache and mod_publisher you can replicate most varnish features. It's less scalable of course but you have the option of adding an auth module like mod_auth_cas giving you a caching reverse proxy with ESI that works for secure users.

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Ah okay. Yeah, let's go ahead and get a working patch on this.

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