I've had issues before with times being off for a day or so but that's usually been a problem with timezones. Now my dates are off for more than a week.

I have a Date of Birth date popup as a user field. I am displaying it as Time Ago with granularity set to 1 so it shows only the full years.

Currently for example a user has a DOB of 2/2/1982 so is in reality 30 years old. However it displays the person as 31 years old. I changed the dates and going as far as 4/2/1982 (I'm using dd/mm/yyyy btw.) it displays 31 years but 5/2/1982 and later it shows correctly as 30 years.

I'm a bit lost in trying to figure out where the problem lies. Could someone test this so we at least know if it's a general bug or just something strange on my setup? Thanks!


Problem continues. Am I really the only one experiencing this?