When I revert facetapi feature components or clear the cache I get these warnings:

array_search() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in facetapi.block.inc:44

This problem originates in facetapi_get_delta_map() which does not validate the results it gets back from the cache:

function facetapi_get_delta_map() {
$map = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__);
  if (
NULL === $map) {
    if (
$data = cache_get('facetapi:delta_map')) {
$map = $data->data;
    else {
// Build cache data...

In my case $data->data is NULL and this empty value is returned, causing the subsequent array_search() warning.

For reference, this is what is currently in my delta_map persistent cache:

[pieter@archlinux docroot (13657 *)]$ drush eval "var_dump(cache_get('facetapi:delta_map'));"
class stdClass#19 (5) {
  public $cid =>
  string(18) "facetapi:delta_map"
  public $data =>
  public $created =>
  string(10) "1359378127"
  public $expire =>
  string(2) "-1"
  public $serialized =>
  string(1) "1"
#9 facetapi-1900974-9.patch750 bytespjcdawkins
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#1 1900974-1-facetapi-rebuild_delta_map_cache.patch808 bytespfrenssen
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Here's a patch, it applies both to 7.x-1.x and 7.x-2.x.

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I have applied this patch and it works perfectly.

The patch in #1 solved the same problem for me. Thanks!

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Thanks guys! Committed to all versions of Facet API.

pfrenssen, congrats on becoming the 36th code contributor to Facet API!


Yay! Thanks :-)

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I still get this error, with version 1.3 (after the above patch was committed).

I think we need something like the attached.

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Thanks for the patch, but if possible I'd like to maintain the logic as there is usually a reason why things are coded the way they are. I am definitely open to change it, but there needs to be a reason why.

I think I see the issue, though. When you are assigning a value in a condition with two clauses, you need to wrap the assignment in parens. For example:

if (($data = cache_get('facetapi:delta_map')) && !empty($data->data)) {

Notice the parens around $data = cache_get('facetapi:delta_map'). If possible I'd like to start there and then explore other techniques if necessary.

Thanks for the contributions,

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Yes, I can see that the cache_get line is wrong in the current code, because the variable assignment isn't wrapped in (). But that's not relevant.

We just need to be certain that facetapi_get_delta_map() always returns an array.

In the function at the moment:

// $map is NULL
foreach (facetapi_get_realm_info() as $realm_name => $realm_info) {
// [ ... various nested loops]
$map[facetapi_hash_delta($delta)] = $delta;
// $map might now be an array, or it might be NULL

If any of the nested loops don't run, then $map never gets initialized as an array.

If we add $map = array(); then $map, and its cached version, will always be an array.

We can remove the && !empty($data->data) because an empty array might be a valid result (and it was done incorrectly anyway).

So I still think my patch in #9 is valid.


Thanks for the explanation. The reasoning makes sense, and I will take a closer look at the patch.


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Just adding the $map = array(); part would already solve the warning.
Getting the cache logic working is also needed because cache is not working atm.
cache_get() will return a valid cache object or FALSE, so rewriting it as done in #9 should fix this.
Tested and warning is fixed and caching working.

Thats right, the patch #9 works. Thanks.