If on the form you miss any of required fields and form "restarts" the selected terms on shs are displayed as numbers, i'm guessing tid's.
Any way to leave them as terms, as it's common for user to miss required field when filling a form?


Uhm could you give some more details about your configuration?
I've tested this right now (going to node/add/page, selecting a term with shs, hitting "save" -> "Error: title field is required") and the term dropdown is still showing ...

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I'm guessing it might be whole site, or some other module that's doing this, because whatever configurations i choose the problems stays the same..

Error that i get when i do not fill all required fields.

Notice: Array to string conversion in theme_hierarchical_select() (line 87 of C:\xampp\htdocs\gb\sites\all\modules\hierarchical_select\includes\theme.inc).

and this is line 87:

$element['#attributes']['class'] .= ' ' . implode(' ', $classes);

Which version of Simple hierarchical select are you using (I guess its not 7.x-1.x-dev because line 87 is a comment)? Are there any other modules enabled that modify the node form?
Could you post some details about the setup of the field/node type?

Ok, there's no more error displayed after i disabled unnecessary modules, but the problem with term id's stays the same. One else thing is that even i choose default value as "none" in settings, the value is always set on the first taxonomy term in the list.

My node type has fields for image, title, several term reference fields, fivestar rating field, boolen checkboxes field and text field. I didn't changed any of them after installing shs and at first everything was running smoothly. Reinstalling Shs module didn't helped.

P.S. yes, my version is 7.x-1.x-dev.

Sorry for asking so many questions :)
Which exact version of Simple hierarchical select do you use? Is it "7.x-1.3+4-dev"?
Are you probably getting Javascript errors?

Yeap, that's the the version i'm using and I do not get any error messages anymore...

Does this mean all is fine now?

Oh sorry for not being clear, no, the issue with the term names changing to term ids is still present. Any more ideas?

There must be any Javascript error (if you're using chrome have a look at the developer tools or Firebug if you're using Firefox).
Additionally you could check if the file shs.js is included on the page (view source and search for the name).

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Hm, I think I could reproduce the error.
Unfortunately it works in one installation for me and in another one the error appears. Very strange since the widget is not rendered on form errors ...

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I've committed some changes that should fix this behavior.
Please test using code from git or wait for the next development release (http://drupal.org/node/1892316 >"7.x-1.3+4-dev").

Status:Needs review» Fixed

Committed and created a new release: 7.x-1.4.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)