The UK users of our site are finding it confusing when they add an event that they have to use the month/day/year format - the events are display as expected in the UK style day/month/year format.
Is it possible to change the input format to prevent confusion?


To change to default input for the date field, ensure that you have the Field UI module enabled. Then you can edit that field (admin/structure/types/manage/event/fields) and change the date entry options to meet your audience's preferences. If you're having any issues with how the date is displayed, you can change the date formats at admin/config/regional/date-time or change what is displayed via the content type manage display tab (admin/structure/types/manage/event/display).

Hi Rosemary
- thanks for the reply, I have already tried all those options, the field ui option allows you to change the timezone but not the date entry format. The other options change all displayed results to a UK version however the input date field in event content still requires a M.D.Y format.
It's not a huge problem as we have the popup calendar enabled but it still does cause some confusion among less confident users.

The date entry option is somewhat buried on the date field page (admin/structure/types/manage/event/fields/field_event_date). There is a More Settings and Values tab and if you open that you'll find the Date Entry Options where you can change the format that users see when inputting.

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many thanks that made me smile - I had of course looked everywhere but there.