I just tried to re-order my term-data and set new parents for the terms. Unfortunately the structure is not updated in frontend. After clearing cache everything is working fine again..

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Committed to 7.x-1.x-dev so it should be available in the next development release (>"7.x-1.3+4-dev").

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Committed and created a new release: 7.x-1.4.

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I'm using 7.x-1.6 and am experiencing this. Is it possible the problem was re-introduced?

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Same here with 7.x-1.6, clearing the cache is needed to get the correct structure.

Please update 7.x-1.6

I will check into this more and update with a patch if needed. Clients definitely needing terms to instantly appear in these forms in the correct position.

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I've found the issue.

Ultimately, it lies in taxonomy_get_tree() caching taxonomy trees – https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/modules%21taxonomy%21taxonomy.module/f....

When you submit the taxonomy sort form (admin/structure/taxonomy/vocabulary_foo), SHS tried to update it's cache of the vocabulary options. It looks like it's replacing the cache with the result of taxonomy_get_tree(), which, even tho the form's submit handler updated all of the term weights / hierarchy, the terms have already been loaded into memory during this bootstrap cycle and thus their new weight isn't taken into consideration.

Patch unsets this cache via drupal_static_reset('taxonomy_get_tree');. Tested and working for me.