translation for the module works fine exept for the "Add files" button. I translated the string but the output is still the same.



Hm.. I was unable to reproduce this. Translation works fine. Can you check if you have duplicate strings and only one is translated or something similar?

There is only one string and that is translated. All other strings works fine, so thats very confusing.

The i18n.js file contain the string with the Drupal.t function :

"Add files" : Drupal.t("Add files")

So it should not be a problem...Did you clear your cache ?

The file is ok and i cleared the cache, yes.

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What does

FROM  `locales_source`
WHERE  `source` LIKE  'Add files%';


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See... you obviously have two entries with the same string. Try translating both of them.

You'll see content of blob columns if you run the same query from mysql's shell.

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Because of the "%" at the end of the string, one found string is 'Add files' and the other one is 'Add files to the upload queue and click the start button.'

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Sorry, but I am still unable to reproduce this. Could you try on clean installation?

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Hmm in a clean installation, it works. I will try reinstalling the modules.

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OK. Let us know. Please do not change issue status.

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I just uninstalled the modules, but the strings are still there for translation. Is it possible to remove them, too?

Reinstalled modules, but still does not work.

edit: Now deleted the translation and reimported the string. Still doesn't work. :/

edit2: I just tested different browsers and tadaaaa ... it doesn't work with Firefox und Chrome, but it does with Safari.

edit3: Ok it finaly works after deleting Javascript cache. Thanks for help!

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Glad you fixed it!

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