Installed update and latest version of plugin. Now I cannot upload pictures anymore.
I can browse for pictures. After uploaded the browser hangs (CHrome) IE returns cannot open page.
When trying to select Library I got a popup Getting Media Error and system hangs.

Work perfect on previous versions


Which version of Media/File entity are you using? Which version of Drupal core?

I am using Drupal Core 7.19

Media File entity version 7x2.0 Unstable 7

Maybe I could try the dev version

page does not refresh no files uploaded

IE gives error openeing page.
Firefox and Chrome do not update the page.

Have you tried to clear cached? What does status report say about Plupload? Can you also try the -dev version of Plupload?

Check if you find any useful info here: #1599892: Plupload integration broken

dev version also not working
cannot get it work again unfortunate
tried also with media dev version and file entity dev versions

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What does status report say about Plupload? Do you have any other modules that may cause this?

after update to drupal core 7.20 still not working.

so I am removing it from my modules and search for other solutions.

pitty, worked perfect before !!