Some are missing but I can hover over the blank tooltip and it displays what it is supposed to do, and if I click it, for example Bold, it makes the text bold. But I cannot find the image tooltip at all although it is visible when I configure the Editor appearance. Where are these tooltip images configured?


I am totally at a loss about this. I have tried early every possible combination of ckeditor module and ckeditor library and I am still experiencing missing images on buttons and also the images do not correspond to the action or to the text that appears when hovering over the button. I can use the buttons but have to remember which button to use by physical location.

There must be some other component that is affecting this but I cannot figure out. Anyone got any ideas? I've installed ckeditor many times in different sites and never had this problem.

I just ran into this on a fresh install using CKEditor 7.x-1.12+10-dev and the newest version of the program (what you download from CKEditor and put into the /sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor folder). This seemed to be an issue with CKEditor v. 4.0.1; I reverted to 4.0 and everything is working as it should.

I thought I had posted this update but it is not here. After spending a lot of time reinstalling ckeditor module and library I realized that the problem was due to "sprites" being used for the toolbar buttons. After some investigation I decided to try another browser and the problem only shows up on Firefox. It does not appear in Chrome and Safari. I am using Mac OS X as my client.

Good Evening from Eudlo Australia. I am to having problems with the latest update with CKeditor Module in that when I st up the profiles to include some buttons (font, font colour etc) and hit save, they are not showing up in the actual wysiwyg toolbars when I am trying to edit content. We have just up graded the core and CKEDITOR as per the upgrade. I have spent much time as has our server guru trying various ways etc. It seems to be the same now matter whether it is basi, advanced or full profile.
Any thoughts, links etc welocme. Cheer Griffo

What browser are you using?

Try this: clear Drupal cache, clear browser cache (Ctrl + Shift + Del is most browsers).
If all buttons show up (even empty one) and just the icons are messed up, then it's a cache issue.

If instead you see that just a part of buttons is actually included in configured toolbar, then the reason might be different: it's quite possible that you downloaded the "standard" package of CKEditor, where some buttons are not available. Try downloading the "full" package.

I tried everything on Firefox ... clearing cache etc. The buttons were still wrong. That is why I switched browsers and the problem went away.

Thankyou for the tips wwalc. As for browers, I have tied IE, Safari, and Firefox all the latest incantaions. Still no joy.

Will try the cache thingy and also look at what version of CKeditor was used.

Cheers Griffo

Subscribe - Same issue, I choose buttons in the profile configuration (eg Center Justify) and then they don't appear for that profile in the actual editor.

I'm using Firefox and Chrome - same issue in both and CKEditor 4.0.1

Great module though, thanks for all your work.

@kingswoodute - try CKEditor "full" (e.g. 4.0.1 here:
If the buttons do not appear at all, then the wrong (standard/basic) version is installed.

- Demo that presents buttons available in full version
- Demo that presents buttons available in standard version <- justify buttons are not included

I'm not sure but I think there is a problem with 4.0.1 on toolbar button sprite. I had the same problem and fixed it by downloading a custom build.

Good evening all from Eudlo. I have tried to follow the thread up with action but it still comes with the same problem irrelevant with respect to browser. I have ckecked that the full version is loaded as when you look at the config page all the buttons are present and can be allocted through the drop and drag process, the save says it is saved, but when you go to the site version in content the buttons are not there. In addtion I found that the link to IMCE for uploading images through the image button is broken. I feel it could be that when the new version of CKEditor was added some of the links are broken. I am going to try the custom build method suggested in #11( thanks). Get back to you. cheers Griffo.

BTW Happy Valentine's Day

Have you try to hover your mouse over the buttons to see if the image corresponds with the link. I was able to use that process to find the right "buttons" which is what caused me to think that the sprites were broken.

In case it is relevant, the version of Firefox I am using is 18.0.2 (for Mac OS X as I mentioned earlier)

Similar problem. Missing several widgets from Full HTML toolbar. Clearing caches and reinstalling CKEditor (module and library) did not help. Finally downloaded custom build of library and that did the trick. BTW, the custom build I used was essentially the default install.

Status:Active» Closed (won't fix)

Several people reported that was a problem with the editor build. So I'm closing this issue.

After I first set this up, the Justify buttons were missing even though I had enabled them in the settings. Per #10, I switched from CKEditor Standard to CKEditor Full, and that fixed my issue.

Version:7.x-1.12» 6.x-1.13

I had the same issue with D6 install when I updated CKEditor. Everything was fine except a few toolbar buttons were missing. I had made the tragic "mistake" of downloading the "Standard" CKEditor, when I should have used the "Full" version. So many, many thanks halefx!!

Interesting. I'll have to check to see if I downloaded the full edition. All the buttons are visible in my "Editor Appearance" profile, so I suspect I have the correct version. They just don't show up in the editor on individual nodes.

Okay, I couldn't tell if I had the Full or Standard version, but discovered I had version 4.0. So I went to CKEdit to download the most-recent FULL version, which is 4.1. There is only one download option, but a banner at the bottom of the page says "All downloads are FULL versions." So I download 4.1 and the archive is called Okay, website says all downloads are full versions, but downloaded file says "standard." I go ahead and load it. Now a different set of buttons are missing! And yes, I cleared all my caches several times. Something is fishy...

My issue has been resolved. I uninstalled and reinstalled a third time and now everything works. The first two installs were from the same download. Third install was from a fresh download. 1st download must have had something corrupted.