great module, thank you!

My question is if there is a way to force the user to select the deepest term when using the Views exposed filters?

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Sorry, but this won't work. Is there any special use-case behind this request?

Hello stBorchert and thank you for your answer!

The use-case is the following:

The products are car accessories,
when adding a new accessory one defines a term in this manner:
BMW > X3 > 2003.
Here the deepest term has to be chosen.

For navigating the website I use a Taxonomy term view with exposed filters in a block,
what I would like to avoid is the user to be able to select only BMW and submit the form.

Thank you!

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Well, another reason could be deepest level taxonomy term id is attached to node only, so (if) for in above example '2003' is selected then it's tid (for e.g. 91) will be attached and while filtering in views, it will filter result on the basis of this tid (91) only not with 'bmw' tid (for e.g 2). so there should be a force selection. User can never know he has to choose to deepest level, he might want to see all results that are attached with 'bmw' tag only, no? So marking the issue active. Hope I made some sense? Thoughts?? Thanks!

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Oh I guess, you can filter that by choosing the depth level in expose filter as it says
The depth will match nodes tagged with terms in the hierarchy. For example, if you have the term "fruit" and a child term "apple", with a depth of 1 (or higher) then filtering for the term "fruit" will get nodes that are tagged with "apple" as well as "fruit". If negative, the reverse is true; searching for "apple" will also pick up nodes tagged with "fruit" if depth is -1 (or lower).
Marking issue status same as last, sorry about that :-(

I have the same issue,I want to be able to enforce deepest level of the taxonomy for a view when using SHS.
Is there any chance this to be added?

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Opening again

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No, as said before, this won't be possible. See #1908864-4: Force selection of deepest level in Views exposed filters for a possible workaround.