If a want to create more than one node gallery the "Upload New Items" tab is only shown for the latest node gallery relationship I have created.
E.g. I have a node gallery for the tow content type pairs:
media_album with media_album_image
user_album with user_album_image

I have created relationships for both galleries. However only the latest created relationship seems to work for uploading images, i.e. shown "Upload New Items" tab on the full node.


Component:Code» User interface

Seems to be a permission problem.

If I try the path "myapp/node/117/upload" for the working node gallery relationship it shows the tab correctly.

If I try for it for another node gallery relationship (where the "Upload New Items" tab is not shown) it brings up an "Access Denied" error.

I am testing this with the admin user (1).

Priority:Critical» Normal
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I was able to replicate the issue.

Try the attached patch.

Thanks for this patch. It did the trick for me.
For one Drupal instance I had to recreate the relationships. On another Drupal instance I just applied the patch and it worked (no need for recreating the relationships).

Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

Here's what I got when I tried to apply the patch:

[root@dev node_gallery]# patch -node_gallery_api.module < node_gallery-missing-upload-tab-1911314-3.patch
patch: **** Only garbage was found in the patch input.

Tried patch < node_gallery-missing-upload-tab-1911314-3.patch and I think it worked, but the upload tab is still missing.

Any ideas on getting the Upload tab to appear???