Hi everyone,

I hope you can help me with this. I created a new sub-theme under omega and the view, edit, delete tabs are not appearing in any of the pages on my frontend. When I enable other themes though it appears for them so I'm quite sure it's a bug from omega. I have both context and delta installed just so you guys know. I've attached a screenshot of my current configuration for my sub-theme where I have the tabs enabled as well as a page where they are supposed to appear. I tried disabling and enabling the tabs through the sub-theme settings but nothing's working for me. I hope you can help me with this. It's really quite frustrating just trying to figure this out since I have a community that's also waiting for the fix.

Thanks in advance!



I had the same problem but found them in the block structure under the block titled "tabs". I enabled the block under content. They show up now but there are 2 sets of them. I don't know why 2 of them are showing. I don't know if there is a better way to have them show up but so far that is all I could find. If there is a better answer I would love to hear it.

I also have a similar problem. I'm using Omega with a subtheme and a custom grid. View and Edit (and any other tabs) do not appear. At first, I thought it was D7 changes, but then noticed that there is no indication that these should be missing.

My Blocks do not have a Tabs block that can be moved.

If anyone has any advice/help, it would really be appreciated!

EDIT: Found in this issue: #1239944: Missing HTML in content region that this can be caused by lack of content in the Content region. For my site, I added a block to Content and used CSS to display:none to it. Worked like a charm!

I've noticed that when you use Omega Tools to create your subtheme, you should use Omega (admin/appearance/omega-tools/add) you should use Omega as the base theme (not Alpha). Then choose your Starterkit. Using Omega as the base theme (rather than Alpha) solved this for me.

I went on a deep code dive to track down the cause of this issue, and found that Alpha pulled it out to a theme configuration setting. My tabs were simply toggled off. Enabled at /appearance/settings/[custom_subtheme_name] in the "Toggle advanced elements" section of Layout configuration. This doesn't seem like an "advanced" element to me, but there it is.