i use ubercart 3 and drupal 7 , when i try to adding/editing some content in the product description field (with tinyMCE) after saving all HTML tags are magically stripped (even if the Full HTML option field is selected!!!).
This is very weird cause I 'm'using the same settings (with Full html) in other sections of my site and tags are correctly showed.
Does anybody know what is stripping my tags?


WYSIWYG + tinyMCE yes? If so tell me your "Cleanup and output" configuration.

Yes ! only two options are checked :
verify HTML and Force cleanup on standard paste

How about uncheck the verify HTML.

done but unsuccesfully. Any ideas?

Hmm, that's my only solution .. :(

i think that this bug could be affected to CCK and not to input format text.Any hints?