Title:Release cdn-7.x-2.6, as 7.x-2.5 has the potential to crash a serverIssues to fix before a 7.x-2.6 release
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Let's restate this in a positive light :)

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Wim, if you could review the list I created in the summary and let us know how to help you move things along that would be great! If you don't see all of these as review blockers then remove them from that list. If there are others to consider, please add them.

Thanks guys :)

I'm really sorry that the CDN module has been fairly neglected (though overall it's in good shape) — this is due to my day job having been increasingly heavy in load towards Drupal feature freeze (which was one week ago now). One can only do so much… :)

I'll get this moving forward again!

Title:Issues to fix before a 7.x-2.6 release[meta] 2.6 release (bugfixes only)
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There actually already was an issue for this: #1857502: [meta] What's missing for a 2.6 release?. There, I had indicated that back in December, #1719568: CDN URLs are not properly encoded in some edge cases was the only issue we were blocked on. That is no longer the case, because that was solved (with tests, no bug) in D7, and the bug itself I cannot reproduce in D6 (others can).

#1413156: .htaccess rules generator for Far Future expiration is actually a new feature, so that belongs in 2.7 — created a meta issue for that as well: #1927698: [meta] 2.7 release (new features).

Updating the issue summary as I move forward.

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I just created this issue and fixed it: #1927708: Tests that require hook invocations of CDN module's own hook implementations fail when CDN module is not enabled. I want reliable test results, so I had to do that *first*.

Thanks for your work, Wim. For what it's worth we've bee using the 7.x-2.x-dev from February 21 and have no problems so far.

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#1912438: Support SSL and Rackspace Cloud Files is not a bugfix, but a feature request.

#1929918: Test coverage for image URL rewriting created & committed. Better test coverage FTW.

FYI i will be installing the dev version today, so here's another humble tester. I do have a somewhat interesting setup: using lighttpd as my server and URL rewritting, vhosts, etc. I'll let ya know if anything breaks....... (so far so good!)

#10: awesome!

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Adding [#1859252.

I have the latest 7.x-2.x-dev on 4 sites and all seems to be well. I did have to disable them after testing because of the core 7.20 issue.

Removed #1826816: Malformed dns-prefetch tag when using CDN's "auto-balance over multiple CDNs" feature, as it already was fixed. A patch for the last remaining issue — #1926884: CDN module is not compatible with security fix in Drupal core update 7.20 is available and passed local testing. I will also deploy it on to solve any remaining problems. If you can: please test it!

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