Is there any chance of getting Drush updated on the 32bit version?

DrupalPro is based on quickstart and uses Drush 5.

I'm wondering if just dropping their version of Drush into quickstart will work as it works with the quickstart commands already.

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There is nothing special about either version of drush, except for the quickstart addons (which have been maintained in drupalpro)

I suggest migrating to drupalpro, quickstart is based on ubuntu 11.04, and no longer has security support (or otherwise). If you're not a fan of unity, its pretty easy to change the desktop.

Thanks Mike, I think I'll just drop in the DrupalPro version of Drush into Quickstart as I've got all my projects set up and I really can't be bothered to move them over.



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Title:Upgrade DrushHow to update Drush to 5.x in Quickstart 1.0
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[Edit] Disregard this attachment. I forgot something in it. Correction to follow...

@blacklabel_tom, just run the following commands from the terminal to update Drush to version 5.8 and the Quickstart Drush commands to match:

cd ~/drush
git fetch
git checkout 7.x-5.8
sudo mkdir /etc/drush
sudo chown quickstart /etc/drush
cd ~/quickstart
git fetch
git checkout -b master origin/master
cd ~/.drush
ln -sf ~/quickstart quickstart
drush cc drush

Note that the Quickstart commands syntax has changed a little. Use drush help --filter=quickstart for an overview.

Thanks so much Travis!

I will let you know how I get on, keep up the good work and let me know if there is anything I can do help. I'm planning on sticking with Quickstart for the foreseeable future.



That's done the trick, thanks again!

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