In function front_page_init() there is a test that checks that the currently running script is /index.php :

if (!empty($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']) && DRUPAL_ROOT .'/index.php' != $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']) {

The problem is DRUPAL_ROOT is set with the value returned by the getcwd() PHP function, which value is a canonicalized path.
On the other hand, $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] is not necessarily using a canonicalized path (it depends on the web server configuration one is using).

The following test fixes the issue:

if (!empty($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']) && DRUPAL_ROOT .'/index.php' != realpath(dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'])) . '/' . basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'])) {


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Actually, I think my proposed fix needs a review :-)

Thanks for the report. I think that's gonna take someone better than me with PHP / server configuration... But I'm willing to commit a fix as soon as everybody agrees on the solution.

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Here is a patch assuming that if the SCRIPT_FILENAME contains index.php this is the Drupal core's one.
(Find me a case where it could be an other one)

Did I mention that this patch is part of the #1day1patch initiative ? :)

@mduvergey, could you test the patch provided by Duaelfr, and see if it works for you?

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#3: There might be an index.php in some test case, in another module...

mduvergey: is there a reason you don't use realpath on the entire SCRIPT_FILENAME? That should give the same result and is simpler.

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Added a small code style fix in the same line as well.

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Even if it were an index.php file in a module, it would not be intended to be accessed via direct URL (hook_menu exists to define real Drupal URLs) so I think we do not have to manage this (mis)use case.

Moreover, if Simon judges your approach better than mine, you should at least use base_path() to handle the case of Drupal subdirectory installation.

base_path() gives the URL part while DRUPAL_ROOT gives the filesystem path on the server, which is not the same thing (See!, so I believe it is used correctly here.

An example where index.php is used, is in the civicrm installer: It expects the user to run the civicrm-provided index.php (which does a BOOSTRAP_FULL thus loading all modules)

edit: I'll leave it to you to mark as needs review / rtbc again if the explanation above is satisfying, or reply otherwise.

Just a thought, but what about the behaviour in Windows systems? Isn't DRUPAL_ROOT.'/index.php' always different of realpath() because of the slashes and backslashes? Could someone eventually test?

('DRUPAL_ROOT', getcwd());
DRUPAL_ROOT .'/index.php';
// C:\wamp\www/index.php
echo realpath(DRUPAL_ROOT .'/index.php');
// C:\wamp\www\index.php

You're welcome.

I must say I didn't think about behavior on Windows systems but it seems my solution would work in that case.

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Let's realpath both sides of the equation then. That should solve the windows vs linux problem. It would also make it more robust in case DRUPAL_ROOT is not the real path for some reason.

Another way would be to use the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant.

@mduvergey, does it work for you?

I applied:
..and can confirm that it solved my issue.

..I think that's worth an update to the release version, since the fix didn't make it into the 2.2 release.'ll save a lot of time for people who are installing it for the first time.

HI all, I have applied the #14 patch and my front page is still not working. I have just installed the last release and my front page configuration has stopped working.
I have configured the paths for two roles I have in my application. Front page is not redirecting to new configured ones.
Any help? Thanks

@javier.drupal.2012, is the patch in #12 better?

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Since the module is currently broken, I've decided to commit #12 (since it couldn't be worse than it is).

I'll release 2.3 as well.

Thanks to everybody for your feedbacks, reviews and suggestions.

Hi Simon, I will check it tomorrow

Simon, to me it is working, thanks heaps!

Simon, I haven't been in here in about a week, but I wanted to say thanks for the work you've done. :-)

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