I would like a past archived local camp site to be placed on drupal.org pointing to the URL: sydney2010.camps.drupal.org

The site can be downloaded here: http://crossfunctional.net/sites/crossfunctional.net/files/syndey-camp-2...

If there are any problems, please let me know.


Could you get someone else from the camp to download the archive and confirm it looks right?

I mean have them comment here confirming it looks good.

Status:Active» Needs work

I noticed that the /sponsorship page didn't get included since the "become a sponsor" block was removed. Otherwise this mostly seems to match up. Its good that the forum spam was also removed before the archive was created.

I hide that block because I didn't think it was needed to be there as the site is archived. There is a link to sponsors' page in the main nav.

its worth maintaining that information. Please include it and repost the archive.

Ok. It's been updated. Same url: http://crossfunctional.net/sites/crossfunctional.net/files/sydney2010.ca... as the last one.

Status:Needs work» Reviewed & tested by the community

looks good to me, but might want a 2nd look.