I just tried to delete the latest spam post...

However I get the error "There was a problem with your form submission. Please wait x seconds and try again." Where x is increasing on every try.

Any idea what's happening?


Now there is also a spammy event... http://community.aegirproject.org/event/moving-company-manhattan

Anyone with permission to wipeout those nodes?

I also can't delete it, same error. Should we disable some of those spam tools, if they block *us* from deleting spam?

I have tried the "Archive" option, so it is at least hidden now. Just note that after hitting on the Archive button, it displayed nice WSOD.

OK, so I have disabled that stupid Honeypot and it helped!

Drupal.org had similar problems and the solution is to use the special permission to bypass those checks in honeypot to a specific role.

Would https://drupal.org/project/botcha be useful here?
I saw the D7 version reduce the number of spamusers significantly for a colleague.

I haven't tried it myself .. but wanted to float the idea here anyway...


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