I don't know why I get following error when i try to introduce a valid feed URL:

The URL feed:https://osha.europa.eu/search_rss?Subject=msd&RSSTitle=EU-OSHA%20Trastornos%20musculoesqueléticos&Language=es&review_state=published&sort_on=effective is invalid.

I need any help.



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Title:invalid URL when I introduce to feeds importerFeeds importer fails to validate URL
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I'm getting the same issue.

I created an importer and I want to import from an URL like that:


Trying to import that feed I get:

The URL http://my_dev.example.org/gdata/?auth=AsdF1234&project=myproject&sheet=mysheet is invalid.

I've checked the feeds module code and found there has to be an issue with the feeds_validate_url() function (feeds.module, lines 1084-1106) which gets called in plugins/FeedsHTTPFetcher.inc, line 152.

After disabling the url validation check (lines 152-156) i was able to import the feed without any issue.

Any idea why the valid_url method is failing here?

Update: I'm using an underscore which is not allowed in subdomains. Annoying, but nevermind.