With IE 10, had issue with Galleria stuck (loads but can't switch images with arrows or thumbnails).
Updated using Jquery_Update to version 1.7 (also tested 1.5 and 1.8)

When IE10 first loads the page I get "No theme CSS loaded" instead of the Galleria view, if I reload the page it works very well...

Weird things!

Can anyone help?
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I'm also experiencing this issue..

I didn't get the CSS message but the images don't switch, just stays stuck on image i. Also I have lightbox integrated and clicking on the image does not bring up lightbox. This all works just fine on Chrome and Firefox. Any help would be great!

I think I fixed it on mine by turning off CSS aggregation.

Mine isn't turned on, so that's not it for me :(

I also have the same issue

I have the same issue -> the images don't switch, just stays stuck on image

I have a hack that works around this problem until greater minds resolve this correctly.

I've added the following to the main scripts.js file:

  if ($.browser.msie) {
    window.onload = function() {
        if(!window.location.hash) {
            window.location = window.location + '#loaded';

Also note that using jQuery 1.9 (not YET a problem with jquery_update) will break the above without the jquery migrate plugin (or the "correct" model for feature detection)

Here's what's going on: If the browser is IE, then after loading the page's DOM, reload, but only once. I know its ugly, but on my IE tests, you don't 'experience' the DOM reload, and Galleria works.

screenack - Where is the scripts.js file located? I can't seem to find it on mine, or should I create it and put it, where?


Where you place your custom jquery code will be a combination of theme requirements and personal preferences. More information here. In my Omega, Mothership and Genesis themes, I create a "js" subdirectory in my subtheme root directory and then add an empty "scripts.js" file to that directory, i.e, "js/scripts.js" and as I'm building the theme, I'll add jquery scripts as needed. Some themes add their own javascript files when you create a subtheme, complete with the jquery no-conflict wrapper code. I hope that helps?

OK -
I created a js directory in my subtheme and made scripts.js, pasted in the content from #7 and added the script to my themes .info file, but still have the same issue with ie.

Any ideas?