Not sure if this should be reported in shipping or flat rate? I am using latest dev versions of both shipping and flat rate on commerce 1.4 & Drupal 7.20.

We have 4 shipping options set up, commerce UPS and 3 other flat rate options. I keep finding all shipping prices have disappeared on the review page after selecting - when shipping is either on the checkout pane or its own shipping pane, shipping line item not showing in the cart summary or lower down despite shipping service set to "Include this pane on the Review checkout pane." in a non collapsible pane.

I have "Calculate shipping rates via AJAX as addresses are updated on the checkout form." ticked and have the shipping on its own checkout pane. I have noticed that by moving the shipping to the previous pane and then back it does re-appear but not permanently. I thought it may be a permissions issue but there are no permissions to set on shipping from a view point.


I experience the same thing. Really weird!

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I'm still having this issue. It stuck for a while but after some changes to the shipping settings it's now gone from the checkout which is well, bad.

My Watchdog is full of this:

Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given i check_plain() (rad 1559 av /Users/jakobnystrom/Sites/grow/includes/

6 identical of these are generated when I try to save the order setting.

If I manually alter the database values, there is no change. When I click save in the drupal ui after changing the DB values, the values are changed back to disabled again.

and just as mysterous as it stopped working, it started to work again.

the only thing i did was to disable checkout login module. when enabling it again, the reordering still worked though.

but now really i don't want to touch anything, I'm supposed to launch tomorrow. :-D

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just changing back from critical to normal

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And there it broke again.

But its not related to flat rate. Same problem when flat rate is disabled. Should be moved to commerce_shipping, or maybe commerce?

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False alarm. It happens because of module version incompatibilities. Not sure which ones just yet.

I have shipping on its own pane now and it seems to be behaving ok, its been on a busy live site and ive not had to touch it for a while! It adds an extra step to the checkout process which is a pain but its stable...