I am using Plupload with Media module.

When I upload files at file/add the plupload GUI says that all the files are uploaded correctly and then redirects me to the following URL (see attached screenshot):

On this page, the file names are wrong. Instead of myimage.jpg the files are renamed to something like

When I go to the files dir on the server the file names are made into directories an inside the directory (f.e. myimage.jpg) is a file p17kgjkpds131scuadit1bdm6s26.tmp.

I am using private upload method and my private dir is outside the docroot. File Uploads without the plupload module are working.

I am using media module 7.x-2.0-unstable7+25-dev.

Thank you for your attention

screenshot-plupload-error.png34.25 KBlorenz


Title:Plupload Creates .tmp dir instead of image after upload

Title:Creates .tmp dir instead of image after uploadCreates unusable .tmp file inside a new dir named after image name instead of image file after upload

Status:Active» Closed (works as designed)

Plupload always uploads files as .tmp for security reasons. It is up to module using PLupload to move and rename this files properly. Ask in the issue queue of the module you are using with Plupload.

Thanks! I opened an issue in the media module issue queue: http://drupal.org/node/1930950

FYI... I believe this is related to the latest commit in the File Entity module. You can see my comment here http://drupal.org/node/1930950#comment-7125452