I have an input field disabled because dynamically updated. In this case, the alert is not generated. Does anyone know a way to solve this problem?


Title:cleintside validation and send form via ajaxclientside validation and send form via ajax

Can you provide some more information, it's a bit vague to me?

if i set an input disabled = true, the alert is not generated.

Disabled fields are not validated since the user cannot change them, if you set the value using code, you can do the validation at that moment.

What is the event that triggers the validation?

validation is normally triggered on form submit

I should validate after the change event of jquery, do you know a way to do this?

Take a look at admin/config/validation/clientside_validation or admin/config/validation/clientside_validation/default if you want the settings to apply to all forms.
You can select to validate fields on blur or even on keyup.

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