Does anyone know if there are any issues with integrating Workbench and/or Organic Groups with Panopoly?



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We have used Workbench + Organic Groups successfully with Panopoly with minimal hassle.

@sylus - Good to know - thanks!


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I'm just working on using Panopoly with Workbench, and find that Workbench Moderation completely overrides the node edit page manager layouts. It disables the standard node add/edit page, and the message "Page manager module is unable to enable node/%node/edit because some other module already has overridden with workbench_moderation_node_edit_page_override." is displayed if I attempt to re-enable it. The pages provided by Workbench Moderation do not have the 2 column Panopoly layout though.

Have you found this at all? Know any workarounds?