The Zen SMACSS implementation was basically my prototype CSS Architecture. But once it came in contact with the community as part of #1891580: [policy] Finally agree on CSS coding standards, it got fleshed out and made way more awesome. See for the results.

I want to update Zen's implementation to use these new concepts. But when I come to issues like this, I realize they are MAJOR changes. Ellie and Kris (and others), do you think this change should be the basis of Zen 7.x-6.x?


Note, that means we can do some minor cleanup and release a Zen 7.x-5.2 with the current SMACSS CSS organization.

I've started a major project using the latest -dev release of Zen because of the change in .scss organization and SMACSS usage. It's great to see this evolving. Though we may struggle using a -dev release as the changes come out.

This is a hard one (which I bet you've encountered before) as on one hand you've wanted to push a new release for a while, and IMO I don't think a project should start with 7.x-5.1 with the large overhaul the dev version has gone through. On the other hand, it will probably be easier for "recommended release" users to get this change all at once. For those already using the dev version, it will just be another iterative step.

So where and when is the smartest stopping point? It's as if we want it done, and we want it now… pick one :-)

I chose the dev release over the 5.1 release mostly because of the change in the organization of .scss files. I didn't want to try and manually deal with a 5.1 -> 5.2 release with that drastic a change. I figured the minor changes in a dev release would be easier to manage.

Version:7.x-5.x-dev» 7.x-6.x-dev

The good news with 7.x-5.2 is that I left all the old classes in so that I didn't break sub-themes based off of 7.x-5.1. Backwards compatibility between point releases is essential, IMO. But switching to a new major release is my green light for breaking stuff. :-D

I figured the minor changes in a dev release would be easier to manage.

And you would be correct. :-)

Let's move the discussion of what needs to go into 7.x-5.2 over here: #1932172: [meta] Release 7.x-5.2/5.3

As this is the only issue now with 7.x-6.x when can we expect dev to appear on list? Or 6.0rc or final?

It has been a long time without update and I agree that is is better for 7.x-5.x branch to stay the way it was, only cleaned of bugs and SMACSS and major things to go into 7.x-6.x that would be reflected and backported from 8.x that should also get started, at least for PHPTemplate engine (Twig would be a challenge, ei? Or not?)

Please advise: should we stay in 7.x-5.x-dev or bravely dive into 7.x-6.x and move on from there if we aim for SMACSS?