This is a shot in the dark. I have no clue what is causing my site urls to be changed automatically.

My customer URLs keep getting changed to things like the following:


I have to then manually change them back, but occasionally they will get changed again. What could be going wrong?


I just noticed another page changed to rss-feed-0. I'm not even using RSS on my site.

Still having an issue. Now my paths got all moved around.

Below are some of the weird changes. I have no clue what is causing them. => =>

What could be causing this?

Priority:Normal» Major

I found a little more information that will hopefully get this problem fixed.

Steps to reproduce:
- Create node
- Disable automatic URL alias and manually set URL Path to title-of-page
- Save page.
- Make an edit to the page and save again.
- Revert the page to previous Revision.
-> PROBLEM: URL Path has automatically changed to are-you-sure-you-want-revert-revision-june-12-2013-927am
- Verify that automatic URL alias is still disabled.

What could be causing this?

Project:Redirect» Pathauto
Version:7.x-1.0-rc1» 7.x-1.2