I have a price table with 6 items, now i want to go back to 4.
How can i delete unneeded items?


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You just remove the contents of the fields and save the product

hmm... not for me.
when i delete the price, min. and max, and then save, it will stay in, with min and max set to 0...

tested on my installation here with commerce 1.5, commerce price table 1.1 on drupal 7.20
also i just tried it on simplytest.me, installing commerce and the price table, same result...

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In that case, turning this to a bug report and I'll test the problem

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ah, ok...
tried again on simplytest.me, this time with kickstart 1.16:
first, same effect.

then it came to me, i maybe need to delete the contents of ALL the fields.
Bingo, this worked!

So that's not quite an obvious solution, and also not too practical, if you have a nice price table set up, and then accidentally press "add another" instead of "save"...
Maybe it should be changed to allow the removal of only one set of price + min + max by deleting or setting to zero....
or is this happening only to me?

Anyways, thanks pedro, for the module, and for your help here.

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status got accidentally changed from crossing posts...

Just chiming in to confirm that deleting the contents of all the fields works fine for me. I think should be marked fixed or categorized as a feature request.