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The following modules are recommended

Panels, Panels Everywhere and Panelizer
For configuring your display and also activating alternative layouts for sub-sections of your website; Panelizer provides additional functionality (per-object display changes, multiple selectable displays, etc) for entities.
Note: The layout concept in Omega basically serves as a theme-driven and lightweight replacement for Panels Everywhere. You can also disable the layout extension in Omega and use Panels Everywhere.
Display Suite
Also for configuring your display. This also works in conjunction with Panels.
Can be used to produce cleaner markup for Entity Fields.

If you don't like Panels for whatever reason you can also use the Context module

For placing blocks and configuring alternative layouts for sub-sections of your website.
Context omega
This module allows you to set the omega 4.x layout to use, using the context module.

The following modules were written for Omega 3.x, and are now deprecated in Omega 4.x (and potentially incompatible)

Omega Tools
There is no need to download Omega Tools — the functionality has been moved into Omega 4.x itself.
With the new concept of layouts, the Delta module is more or less deprecated. It still works for setting up alternative instances of your theme settings but since the main idea behind the Delta module was to provide alternative layout configuration (which is not needed anymore) it can be omitted.
Note: There might still be some very special use cases in which the Delta module MIGHT be an option.

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On some projects I have found Delta Blocks to be invaluable. This Delta sub-module allowed normally fixed page elements such as titles, breadcrumbs and system messages to be rendered as blocks which could then be placed in any region of the theme.

It sounds like Delta would be carrying too much Omega 3 overhead to justify its continued use. Are any options available in Omega 4 which replace this useful feature?

Paul Driver
Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK

Very very good point MrPaulDriver. It was a very fast and uncomplicated way to get more flexibility out of the box. And you still can do this for the next 2 years, I am sure, since Delta code isn't too complicated to look at and the part we talk about, can get moved out of Delta into its own project, if needed. And this was indeed also a concern of mine.

But! ... as I found out lately, the approach with Omega 4 and Panels and Panelizer/Panes Everywhere is much much more effective and there will be no need no more for you to use Delta or even blocks from core anyway. I know, panels scares many from the first look, but believe me, you won't regret to take a deeper look again at this old horse (panels) which hopefully gets more love next years now again, when views is in core (D8) and some of the leading maintainers of views, which are also lead maintainers of panels will see the people start to use panels more again. The conditionally flexibility you get with combination is far beyond the limitsof blocks and Delta or even Display Suite. Take a look at this video from Fubhy (Omega maintainer) on youtube, it will give a very close look into thoughts of the Omega project and how he uses it: