I would love to do this for D8 but I just can't so I've opened this for D7 it also has the fix for http://drupal.org/node/1158322#comment-7142840 albeit the fix is on D7 .

Forgot to rename the file, ignore the 139 part of it.


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Oops, uploaded the wrong one anyway, here's the correct one.
This is against Drupal 7.18.

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Duplicate of #1158322: Add backtrace to all errors. Issues are fixed in latest drupal version and then backported.

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It's not a duplicate. I am making this available for those like me using D7 and need this functionality now since I have already done it for myself.

If I had the resources I would do this for D8. However, for those of us who are actively using D7 this is a real help while we are waiting for the D8 version to figure itself out.

I've also fixed the bug that seems to be holding it up on D8 so if you are so determined that it should only be done on D8 and then ported backwards then port the fix I've done here to D8 (details here http://drupal.org/node/1158322#comment-7154460) then you can back port the fix to D7 -- even thought we already have something working for D7.

While I understand the desire to have everyone work on D8 some of us don't have that luxury. Does that mean that our work should not be contributed even if we have done something wanted/needed that others have yet to do?

Also, the way I did this it has a few more features than the D8 version which I find useful almost daily when I am coding so it would be nice for someone who knows D8 to consider incorporating the enhancements into the new version. Unfortunately I simply don't have the bandwidth to take on D8 for the foreseeable future.

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No it is a duplicate issues are dealt with in latest core version and then backported. This is done to stop regressions.

Duplicate or not, it's here for anyone who wants this for D7 until the D8 version actually works. If I ever get a break I'll make it for D8 if someone else can do it then that would be awesome.

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Added note.

Just wanted to ask.... why is this patch skipping database writting when there is a PDOException?

The fact that you have such a type of exception does not mean that the database is unavailable, it could just mean that a query failed for some reason...

PHP won't let you write PDO exceptions to the DB, and rightly so.