As suggested in #1823450-14: [Meta] Convert core listings to Views by @Crell:

[This] would require an in-core hierarchical/nesting style plugin, and for SCOTCH to complete so that it can be "just a block" (that is, a View).

Actually we can manually embed the comment list view, id SCOTCH is not ready yet when we are.


Just wanted to be sure: do you talk about the comments of a node, or about admin/comments?

The problem with the first one is that comments can be displayed hierarchical, so there is the need for quite some custom logic here,
so the question is whether it's something which is worth to be converted. Do you have any opinion about that?

Something though which is for sure useful is the recent comment block.

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@peximo and @mavimo are trying come up with a generic solution to provide a hierarchical style plugin to be used to convert comment listing on the node page.

Wow, this would be impressive.

We already have that solution implemented in, which is a candidate for inclusion in D8: #1915056: Use entity reference for taxonomy parents

Ok so when the solution is added to core we could continue to work on this issue.

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