Hi there am totally new in Drupal world, i have a question plz help me since this is so important for me cause am trying to finish up my graduation project :)

I know that Drupal 7 does not support multiple registration form for multiple users so i have installed profile2 module and Unique registration path module so now i have two forms according to my need, but the problem that once i want to activate his account as admin nothing of the information he entered in the form appears.

so once again i disable the profile i have created it for the new registration form field and disabled the Unique registration path module and trying it from configuration - People - Account settings- manage fields from this view i added existing field that i already created it in my new profile for the customize form , it works but a single form will be showed for all users.

no profile data

Plz help me


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sorry, but this request isn't related to the Recruiter distribution.

you might want to find help in one of the user registration modules or for Drupal in general on a forum like stackexchange.

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no profile data