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Microserve is a Drupal web development agency based in Bristol, UK, specialising in Drupal Development, Drupal Training, Hosting and Site Audits. We also have proven experience in a variety of other industry specific areas such as Responsive Design (Mobile) and SEO.

We are the largest Drupal specific agency in Bristol with a current total of 13 permanent developers and over 30 years of Drupal experience between them.

We provide medium to enterprise level Drupal solutions to a range of clients, and also work as the development team for a number of large non-specialist agencies who outsource their development.

We have our own in-house Drupal 7 based product called Care Planner. Care Planner is a system used by home care agencies to roster all their appointments and generate invoices and time sheets.

Please email to get in touch.

Drupal contributions

Drupal contributions: 

Modules / Patches

Fast database logging and Extended block visibility by Mark Pavlitski

TTR Configurable Widget and Block and Unpublish by Saemie Chouchane

Textmarketer SMS Integration by Simon Dix

Who Sends API by Darren Whittington

Taxonomy Autocomplete By Vid and Node Revision Reference URL Widget both under development in sandbox by Tom Lopez


Microserve has it's own distribution which is used internally on most sites. It is available for anybody to use here.

Core / Community

Drupal 7 and 8 core patches by Mark Pavlitski

Our team contributes to forums, and issue queues, helping to assist and maintain the Drupal community, along with contribution to various community documentation. Rick Donohoe is a Webmaster who is one of the few members who manage the content queue.

We have previously hosted a Drupal Global Training Day as part of the Drupal Initiative, and we aim to continue hosting these on the global dates.

We have our own Drupal Community Case Study - Cladco Profiles.

Most of our team are also regulars at the Bristol Drupal meetups.


DrupalCamp London 2014 - Gold Sponsors
DrupalCon Prague 2013 - Silver Sponsors

Our next goal is to sponsor and organise a DrupalCamp in Bristol alongside other South West Drupal organisations.


As Drupal works quite differently from other Content Management Systems on the market, there can be a learning curve to understand its true potential. Provided your development skills in PHP are of a suitable competency, fully understanding how Drupal works and how you can use it to its maximum potential can be done in an informal learning environment. Working with the Microserve development team to write code for actual applications rather than learning in a classroom environment will help you pick up Drupal and start applying your knowledge within a few hours.

End user training

Off site or on site, we offer end user training in the use of Drupal and managing content, pitched at a level that is easily understood by non-technical users.

Developer training

We can carry out tailored presentations for individuals or your team, either at your place of business or at our central Bristol office. Whether you need specialised training on a particular Drupal module, or a general overview on the latest trends, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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T-lo, Senior Drupal developer

On for 5 years 3 weeks
Contributor to Dynamic properties, IP Login

mja, Senior Developer

On for 3 years 2 months

sd46, Senior Developer

On for 2 years 8 months
Contributor to Text Marketer SMS Integration

saemchou, Web developer

On for 2 years 5 months
Contributor to TTR Configurable Widget

darrenwh, Senior Developer

On for 1 year 3 months
1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Who Sends API Integration, Brew Tools

rickdonohoe, Technical Project Manager / Business Development

On for 1 year 3 months
1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Certificate

markpavlitski, Head of Development

On for 1 year 3 months
Over 5 edits to documentation
Contributor to Extended block visibility, Fast database logging, Memcache API and Integration, and 5 more

epifab, Web Developer

On for 1 year 1 month

00steve, Front-End Web Developer

On for 1 year 1 month, Senior Front End Developer

On for 1 year 1 month

Kirst25, Junior Front-End Web Developer

On for 5 months 1 week

matthew.stone, Web Developer

On for 1 month 1 week