This is an awesome module! I'd just like to provide some feedback. It works great with a form that I created using the Webform module. However, I'm trying to place the error message "Please enter some keywords." inline with the search form on the search results page.

Firebug shows the following HTML on the results page for the search form if there was no text entered:
<form id="search-form" class="search-form" accept-charset="UTF-8" method="post" action="/example/search/node">
but when I try to add "search-form" to the list of forms on the Inline Form Errors page I get an error: search-form is invalid.

So, I checked "Show form_ids on form" to get the ID and the ID shown is "search_form" not "search-form" (note the underscore vs the hyphen). I add "search_form" to the Form Conversion list and when I go to the search results form I get an error:

Notice: Undefined index: #type in template_preprocess_search_block_form() (line 1070 of C:\wamp\www\example\modules\search\search.module).

It seems like there may be a conflict between "search_form" and "search-form.
I'm using Drupal 7.15 with the Webform module.