I cannot bulk export nodes. The 'Node export' tabs appear on a node page, but 'Node export' does not appear under the 'Update options' menu on 'admin/content'. It's almost like the dropdown is cached or outdated. Any guidance appreciated.


Thats right, I have the same problem, although there is a menu item for bulk import nodes!

Excuse me, where is that menu? Thanks.

Priority:Normal» Critical

Same issue! This is a significant bug and is one of the major ways to export nodes with this module. Upgrading the priority of this bug.

Are you using the administration views module?

my site was using admin views - i had to apply the patch from #2023303: VBO action not showing to make the Node export action available, and then edit the admin/content view to add it to the list of operations. that got me as far as #1869918: Views bulk operations node export fails with undefined function _views_bulk_operations_adjust_selection. Applying that patch got it working for me. though i should add, i only had a few nodes to export.