The map is not being displayed when viewing the page in Internet Explorer with SSL enabled on my Drupal site. Instead, it displays this error message: "Error during map rendering: ReferenceError: 'FB' is undefined".

I downloaded the openlayers library (version 2.12) and added it to my OpenLayers source field on the setup screen. I am using "Default Map" for that option.

How can this be fixed?



This is also occurring with beta1 version. I had upgraded the module from beta1 to beta3 in the hopes that it would fix this issue, but it did not... and it also caused some other issues (locations not showing up at all, etc). So I reverted back to beta1, and would really appreciate an https fix for that version as well, if at all possible.


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Try upgrading to Beta 7; that solved the problem for me.

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Updated IE to Internet Explorer.

Same problem here. Openlayer 7.x-2.0-beta7 and Firefox 25.0. I can't view preview maps from the admin side. Curiously I can see result maps from the main side over ssl... any idea?

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