Last updated March 23, 2013. Created by techsoldaten on March 15, 2013.
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CRM Core provides an interface for managing contact records in your Drupal site. It can be accessed by clicking the Contacts link from the CRM Core menu, or by going to crm-core/contacts.

Out of the box, the contacts screen is very streamlined. It does three things:

  • Provides a link to add a contact.
  • Provides a list of contact records in the system. The only details it includes is the name of the contact and some links for editing and deleting each contact record.
  • Provides filters for filtering contacts based on name and type.

You will notice the contacts screen will display no contacts at first - nothing has been entered yet! Come back to this page anytime you need to see the contact information stored in your site. You can feel free to create one using the Add a Contact link at the top of the screen, or leave it for later.

Site builders will notice the contacts screen is actually a view. Part of the power of this interface is that it can be customized to include whatever fields you want for displaying contact records. There are a number of Views Bulk Operations defined within CRM Core for working with contacts, and you can create your own. This screen can also be cloned, to give you precise controls over various contact types.

For instance, if you wanted to have an interface that just searches organizations, and you wanted to have an interface that just searches individuals, you can accomplish that easily by cloning the existing CRM Core contacts view.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.