Hello i dont seem to be able to use the Header, Hidden or Help block regions. I see them mentioned in the info file and also in the page. when i add blocks to these regions nothing appears.

Am i missing something?




Hm. You are right. At the moment:

  • "Header" region is not used - existed for the future enhancements
  • "Hidden" region was removed. You can use "Body top" and "Body bottom" instead. But they are hidden and only needed for trackers, counters etc.
  • "Help" is the system region mostly used for admin pages.

Do you need any additional regions? If so - just make a feature request and I'll try to add them ;)

Hi, I cannot use the so important footer region...
Is there any way to enable it?

+1 for footer. I cannot add my own copyright and also would like to move the user menu block somewhere else. Please do not hardcode these.

+1 for footer. +1 for aggravation with Hardcoding. Please allow Footer region to be utilized.

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Also wondering why I can't use the footer :-(