Hi I am trying to use the custom caption option however the replacement patterns do not display the any token for the custom caption field I created.

The field is called teaser caption and I have tried [Content: Teaser Caption] I have also tried [field_teaser_caption].

Otherwise is it my misunderstanding that you can only use replacement patterns that are provided for the caption custom (with tokens) option.

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So ColorBox captions can't use content from "Fields" fields?

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Found what appears to be an undocumented token:


This token may be implemented somewhere else, but it does work.

Thank you dpearceMN tried [node:field_name] but no joy I am thinking that maybe colorbox can not use custom tokens.

Actually, yes it does work in ColorBox because I am using it. Why it doesn't work for you is another question.

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Hi that’s interesting if it is working for you but for my view the caption is not visible. I have attached the view you can take a look if you like maybe I have misconfigured it.

I used the following token [node:field_teaser_caption] based on the [node:field_name] token.

DpearceMN please keep in mind you can not change the status of an issue based on your circumstances and opinion Status: active » closed (works as designed) just because it works for you. There are many reasons why this could be working for you but not for me.

same issue
there is no token available related to nodes or fields.
I'm using field collection for step by step articles. each step has an image and a title. Now I want to make an slideshow to visualize the article via Colorbox.
I've created the View, added fields and changed the image field formatter to Colorbox but there is no token available to add "step " title" as caption.
Tokens Avilable:

  • Current date
  • Current page
  • Random
  • Site information
  • Current user
  • Files

colorbox version: 7.x-2.4

I have also run inte this problem, no field tokens are available for the "Custom (using tokens)" caption option in Colorbox, only the tokes garamani listed above.

Title:Custom caption field tokensColorbox does not show node related token in the custom caption replacement pattern browser
Version:7.x-1.5» 7.x-2.4
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Updating issue status, can confirm with 7.x-2.4.

The node tokens are replaced, but do not appear in the token browser. Likely a small change in colorbox_field_formatter_settings_form() is required to pass the $node object to the token module.