First of all. We love your themes !!!! Wonderfull!

But now we currently get an error:

Notice: Undefined index: tag in adaptivetheme_field() (line 523 of /home/xuhntazo/domains/ithaka.im/public_html/sites/all/themes/adaptivetheme/at_core/inc/theme.inc).

The situation....

1) In development everything is correct for a long time already.
2) We pushing everything to a shared hosting. By FTP and by a copy of the full db through phpadmin
3) After that everything is looking good.
4) Then we just have to wait a time (30 minuten) and after that we see this error in the logging and see garbage in the layout. The first column (sidebar first) is gone.

In the log the message is found.

Notice: Undefined index: tag in adaptivetheme_field() (line 523 of /home/xuhntazo/domains/ithaka.im/public_html/sites/all/themes/adaptivetheme/at_core/inc/theme.inc).

Some more info:
We use some css injection in the header:
#header-wrapper .block-views { display: block;}
#header-wrapper h2 { display: none;}
.region.region-header { margin: 80px 30px 0px 60px; }

Production can be seen on : http://www.ithaka.im/

The blocks are all in the block list of side bar first

We use :
AT Commerce 7.x-2.0-rc3 (default theme)
AT Core 7.x-3.1
Drupal 7.20

Clearing the cache is not helping.

Any suggestions for help.



30 min exactly every time, is that when CRON runs by any chance?


For a strange reason somehow i discovered that production did not synchronise adaptive core and theme with correct versions.
Now both versions are 3.x so on display of the whole is going good. That's the good news. So anybody with this error synch the versions of core an adaptive according the module page

The bad news is that the galleri_io is displayed wrong in the header (in chrome and in ie) and i don't know how to solve it correctly.

It looks like that something is class region-header should be changed. I therefore use css injector but can't find out the correct css injections.

Any suggestions?

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Some details changed

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Assuming fixed, my apologies for not being able to respond earlier to your issue.