I have just installed the event module (4.5) and enabled it. I see the calendar, but do not see any link or button that lets me add an event. All I have is a search function. How do I add an event to the calendar?


go to create new content then click on event.

Thanks. Wished it were in the documentation somewhere.

Please see the Users Guide 'creating new content section' for more information on how to submit generic content in Drupal.

Please sign up with to the drupal-docs list and help supply any documentation you feel lacking. As you are new to Drupal, now is the time to start filling percieved gaps.

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I would take your post and place it in the readme that comes with the event tarball. That was the documentation I was referring to.

after reading this post, here is a recap:

THIS IS WHAT I HAD TO DO TO USE THE EVENTS CALENDAR (instructions are not too user friendly at the moment)

Using Drupal 4.6
Install event, run database file
install flixindoe, run database file
Add content type it appears underneath content -- Administer>Content>Content Types click on add content type add a content type event

Now you have to link the event type with the events calendar, go to: Administer>Content>Configure>Content Type> and select to show event on the events calendar.

**just discovered this... you will need to add an area for description on the events content, go to:

Home » administer » content » Content Types
and add text area

I think this should do the trick.

My problem is there is NO event type under 'create content'.

The event module IS enabled.

administer / access control / (No event module permissions listed)
administer / blocks / list / (the event blocks shown are: Calendar to browse events., List of event taxonomy types., List of upcoming events.)
administer / content / configure / content types / (no event type)
administer / settings / event (the event settings are there)

I installed Drupal CVS 4.6.0 a couple of days ago. I added two modules awTags (4.5.2-Beta.2.0B from www.autowitch.org) and event (4.5.0). I got errors with event 4.5.0, so I found event cvs and replaced the files of the prior install and dropped the event table and reran the event.mysql. I enabled event and can't add events. I was also having trouble with awTags, disabling and re-enabling either or both did not alter their behaviour.

I decided to revert my database prior to installing both modules. I then created the tables for both modules and only enabled the 'event' module. There are no errors, but I can't add any event content.

Any clues would be helpful.

Except for this minor annoyance, I really like Drupal. I have never used a MySQL database before or know anything about PHP. I was able to install and run this in just over an hour.

Well, the event moudle is being completely rewriten. I suspect that the cvs module is not up to date with the 4.5rc. (I could be wrong).

If you want to try out the new event module that is still very much in development state is is not yet documented

Essentially, install as you would a regular module.
Enable the help module and the new event module.
Read the admin \ help \ event.

Any node can be an event. blog, page what ever. Now this seems less than useful. Download flexnode and create a new type of content and configure it to be an event per the above help. Of course you will need to build out all the fields of the flexinode type to do this. title, body, date, etc.

As I said, no documentation, not quite ready yet. Test on a TEST SITE! Search drupal-devel for mention of it. If you load it, you will be helping to test it (alpha state :)

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I see what happened then. I saw the event type when I enabled the 4.5.0 version of the event module. Then, when I upgraded to the cvs version, the paradigm had shifted from an event being a content type to an attribute of any content type. (The event parameters for the content type are there. I just was not recognizing that it was new and was part of the event module.)

I would note that neither the README.txt, nor CHANGELOG, nor INSTALL have been changed to indicate this paradigm shift.

Also, as a note to self, this is a very dynamic environment. I need to check the help area whenever I enable a module. I had browsed through the help area before and hadn't thought about something "new" being there.

Thank you very much for the help. I hope you continue your patience with us newbies.

Also, noted about using a TEST SITE. I am glad I did a backup. I would say that since I am bootstrapping my site, this is a good point to try these things out.

I'll give flexinode a try.

heh, I did mention not yet documented. :)

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Apprently with the new Event module now one is advised to build a new node called "event" with flexinode..

>>>Download flexnode and create a new type of content and configure it to be an event per the above help. Of course you will need to build out all the fields of the flexinode type to do this. title, body, date, etc.

I am having trouble because I have no idea how to build out the appropropriate fields of the node type using the node controls available to the administrator in 4.6.3.

Any clarification would be much appreciated.

can be an event. So, you could make a blog post, a story or a page type node an event, if you have configured it to be.

If those fields do not suit you, then you can install flexinode and 'create' a new content type. Then you, per event readme/instal.txt, make that an event type node. This will give you a custom event type node.

So for this
I created a new node type, with a text box for description, for Instructior and the fee and any follow up classes (until the repeat event module is ready). (note to self, pull the Timezone field off of the display)

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Thanks so much. I figured some of this out, but not all of it. You're helping see so much more that I could do.. posting blogs as assignments from the calendar for classes, etc. Very cool. I had some specific steps if there are others like me since I didn't find anything helpful in the readme/instal.txt which was specific enough for me.

  • defining a class of items for your calendar (e.g. birthdays, assignments, etc.)
  • go to administer/content/content types
  • select "add content type"
  • name the class of event for calendar (e.g. birthdays) Add "description" if you'd like something to appear on the "create content page" (e.g. please post birthdays for us to celebrate) - click 'submit'
  • click "add text field", provide label (e.g. "details" -- deciding if this should show in teaser or tables, etc. Submit
  • You can add other fields and labels as you'd like.. e.g. "location", etc.
  • Now.. you'll need to associate this new node type with calendar events and incorporate start and stop times, etc. In order to do so (event-enable the node), go to admin/node/configure/types and configure "birthdays". You'll have a variety of choices to work through, but once you save the configuration, you've produced a new kind of event which can be posted on the calendar
  • Go to admin/access and see under flexinode module the variety of events you've defined and adjust permissions for posting these as you'd like in the community.

As I have done this then forgotton how to do it a couple of times now it might help to have an additional note for others to find. It's not obvious or documented apart from lower down this thread (as far as I could find anyway):

After installing event (and flexinode) to make a node into an event you need to

administer/content/configure/content types/configure/show in event calendar

Please feel free to add a handbook page as a child page here:

With what you feel is lacking. I know that these pages are being looked at and improvements that help people would be welcome sooner than later.

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Test site, always start with a test site.
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I recall hearing at DrupalCon that flexinode was on the way out, so i’ve been avoiding it until the newer technology (4.7?) is in place (for an easier upgrade path).

Update (circa 8-Dec-2005): That was Content Construction Kit (CCK) i was recalling. Guess it will be a contributed module for 4.7. Might be a core candidate for 4.8 or 4.9, from what i’m reading.

But really, i’d be happy just assigning events to the “story” content type, so long as all stories don’t have to be events. In fact, this is preferable (to me) to having separate story and event “types.”

However it appears to me – and please correct me if i am wrong – that if you enable events for a particular content type, all nodes of that type become events whether you want it or not. It would be nice if a checkbox (in the content creation/edit page) were available indicating whether a given node should be treated as an event.

I’ve looked all around the event settings and content type settings but couldn’t find any way to control this. Am i missing something?

Will the Event module here...:


...be the new Event module? It's six months old...

Which Event module should I use if I don't want to have to change everything again two months from now?

The new event module is located on the 4.6 module downloads page.

Test site, always start with a test site.
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Test site, always start with a test site.
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but I'm getting danged confused in getting the Event module installed. I've got Drupal 4.6 installed on my test site along with the Evend module for 4.6. The installation goes okay. I got everything untarred-gzipped, add event's sql into the database, enabled the event module but here's where I run into trouble...

Directions in Event module's documentation seem to be out of sync for Drupal 4.6. I'm not sure about this since I never used anything before the current version. For example, Step 4 has me confused:

4. You must then enable one or more node types to be used with the
event system. You can do this by going to admin/node/configure/types
and selecting a node type from the list. If the event calendar is
installed properly you should see a section called 'Show in event calendar:'
with three options below it:

The instructions do not seem to correspond to anything I have my administration section.

This all looks so nice and would be a great benefit for my site.

PS I forgot to mention that I did try the latest CVS version of the Event Module.

I finally got mine working. 4.6 uses flexinode and is totally different than 4.5. I found a page from crunchwelch that had good instructions on how to make it work....will try to find it for you!

Crunchywelch's page did the trick. It saved me a lot of heartache. lol

Im sorry, but am I the only one here that doesn't have a nodes option under the administer? That whole article kept saying go to Admin -> nodes. I DONT HAVE A NODES? I am using 4.6.1. If nodes is deprecated, what should I use then? I am so freaking confused, please help me.

I just figured it out. There is no nodes option. Now its Admin -> Content -> configure. I was extremely confused about this, but now i feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This will make the event calender much better now.

so i have clean urls' on,
and so what works was to go to :

Same here. Well, now I've worked that out - after a lot of stuffing around. Could this be reflected in the INSTALL file? i.e. either give the URL http://somewhere/?q=admin/node/configure/types/page OR the clicks (admin -> content -> configure -> content types ?

sounds like a great link though I can't find the site anymore. Linking to any other help would be great.

I think the page has been moved

I'm having problems getting calendar events to display correctly too, and I'm sort of at a loss.

I've installed 4.6.3 with the new event stuff and flexinode. I'm using civicspace's nice theme and loving it for the admin pages alone. I've turned on the module, gone to settings and preferred a table display since I don't like the way text gets blasted out in the calendar view. I finally realized that there was no way to create an event without associating an existing node type, or creating one to be "event-enabled". I first developed a new node from 'page', and went to "create event".. but although there was a title, there was no box for providing a description of the event. I went back to admin/content/content type and clicked to edit the calendar event to add a text box. Not knowing any better, I left description and default values blank, asked for 5 lines for 'teaser' and 'table'.

Now, when I go to 'create event' and select 'event', I get a place to submit a title and an event description. The calendar item appears if I look at the node that I created (e.g. node/14), and this node is linked from an "upcoming events" block listing, but display in calendars and tables of the event module don't include the event description. In the table view with the civicspace themes, there is a "more information" link, and if one clicks it, a blank line appears in the table. Nothing new appears in the day or month view display.

I'm guessing that I might have not developed a node type appropriate for the module to pick up and display content properly? Any tips would be much appreciated.

i am having this same problem. events are not showing up in the calendar view when i click the "view all" link.

any new developments?

apologies if this was obvious, but have you set the administer/content>configure>content types configuration to "always show in event calendar"?

It seems kind of ridiculous to have a hierarchical admin menu and then two additional heirarchies within the 'content' menu, that don't show up in the left menu. It does make a kind of sense, yes, but it has been quite confusing to me.

I'm in the same boat as you.

Basically, I want to submit stories that are events. But I don't want all stories to be events.

At first I hoped I could set things up by event enabling stories, and then getting the event block to only display certain categories. Is this possible? This would be the best.

I couldn't find anything that would allow me to do that with my level of skill, so I went in the create-new-content-type diretion. Now I'm trying to figure out how to make a content type that acts like "story." Is there any easy way to do this?

I figured I'd ask before I spent too much more time hacking away on my current approach.

[edit] whoops. maybe I'm closer than I thought. I think I'm managing to create a new node type like a story, but I'd still be curious if there's an easy way to do this. How do I get the breakdown of what the node "story" consists of. I.e. the fields et al?

Thanks so much,


I use Events for things with dates that go on the calendar.

I use Stories for things without dates. To remove dates from Stories:
Administer -> Content -> Configure -> Content Types -> Story: Configure -> Show in Event Calendar: Never -> Save Config