There is some code that need to be ported to the new universal analytics API, but the required code is currently not documented by Google or need your help in coding. Feel free to jump in and help with patches.

Proposed resolution

Help porting.

Remaining tasks

User interface changes

Metrics and dimensions need a new interface like Add fields interface.

API changes

Google API has changed completely.


There is new information about universal analytics and cross domain tracking:

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Updated issue summary.

I think I have this already working based on some forum posts from Google Developers. Changing Issue summary now.

Are you able to test it, please?

Ups, no - I missed this in googleanalytics.js.

            // @todo: unknown upgrade path
            //_gaq.push(["_link", this.href]);
            //ga("link", this.href); ???

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Updated issue summary.

Is there an ETA of the multi-domain tracking capabilities, and possibly a final 7.2 release? This would save us a lot of work in setting up cross-domain tracking.

Can you ask Google when they release the feature, please?

You can use 7.x-1.x

Maybe I misunderstood, but I got the feeling that the cross-domain tracking functionality is already well documented in the Google Analytics dev guide?

But you very likely know more than me about this feature, so if it is not working yet we'll just have to wait.

I know I could use 7.x-1.x to set-up cross-domain tracking (although I have problems with adding different GA code for different domains since we're running a multi-domain website), but with the new UA code it should be a lot easier to set this up.

Ups - I forgot about my comment #4. Can you share a patch, please?

Not sure what you mean there about the patch?

You can provide a fix for the broken/missing parts in module code or pay me for doing it for you.

No code fix here. What would it cost for you to implement the functionality?

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Updated issue summary.

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Added a related issue for Custom Dimensions and Metrics: #2136031: Implement custom dimensions and custom metrics

Title:Currently missing features in Univeral Analytics versionCurrently missing features in Universal Analytics version

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Added link to sub task to add cross domain auto linking

Thanks for such a useful module. Are all three tickets release blockers or is there the potential for an alpha release before all three are resolved?

  • Commit d676191 on 8.x-2.x by hass: Issue #1956616: Updated some links

  • Commit b54e232 on 7.x-2.x by hass: Issue #1956616: Updated some links